Purchase price of export quality saffron

One of the most important factors affecting the price of saffron is its quality. Sometimes I see a fluctuation in the price of buying and selling saffron. But why is this price difference? How much is the export price of saffron? Below, we will review the quality of export saffron – the purchase price of saffron and the price of organic saffron. If you intend to buy and export saffron, contact our company’s specialists

Purchase price of export quality saffron

How is the quality of saffron types determined?

There is an old method that tried saffron with boiling water or sugar, and if saffron had a good color, they believed the quality of saffron was good. Unfortunately, the profitable people took advantage of this opportunity and colored by coloring the roots of saffron and corn stalk and … instead of saffron. There are several methods for recognizing the principle of fake saffron, which will be discussed in more detail in the following sections. And … Quality and Principle of Saffron:

What does it taste like

How to identify quality saffron?

Does not smell long
Do not have a dark color
Have a narrow, narrow head
Not greasy
Not heavy
Do not stick together
Have a bitter taste
The fragrance will fill the space

Purchase price of saffron

Prices of saffron and saffron prices

The quality of saffron has a direct impact on its price. The price of the types of saffron is ultimately determined by its degree. Of course, several factors are effective in determining the price of saffron. Follow these on the site’s previous posts. The price of saffron daily with the price list and the price comparison table of saffron are regularly loaded on Almaszaffran.ir and in the Saffron diamond company’s telegram channel.
Types of export saffron

Super jeweled
Each saffron has grading
Based on freshness and flavor and color strength.

Purchase price of saffron

How many organic saffron prices are there?

As you know, organic products and saffron prices are different from other products. Because organic products are produced during the production process using mechanized machines. Organic products are 100% healthy. A product such as organic saffron is also introduced in some countries, such as China. Generally, the price of each type of saffron, if produced organically, is between 1 and 3 million tomans higher than non-organic saffron.

Of the 300 tonnes of annual saffron production, only 1% is organic.

قیمت خرید زعفران صادراتی

How to buy high quality saffron

The quality of saffron is determined solely by touch and smell and taste. And it’s not only recognizable by everyone. For this reason, the best way to buy major saffron is to get and test your product for the first time at a high cost, and then order it. If you intend to buy and export saffron, contact our company’s experts.

Saffron price

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