Selling price of saffron

With the coming of the holy month of Ramadan, the price of saffron varieties increased. Given the new pressures of the United States and the rising dollar, the market for saffron is a bit tricky. See the prices for buying saffron types in the table below. Our colleagues pay the price of saffron daily on sites and channels of telegraphy. If you intend to buy and export saffron, contact the experts of Saffron Diamond Company.

Sale and Export of Afghan Saffron

The price of saffron

Due to the introduction of new sanctions and rising dollar prices, the price of saffron was slightly more expensive. What is the price of saffron in saffron market? In the section below, see the price list for saffron today and the price of saffron in the table below. In May of 1998, the price of saffron was relatively stable. For example, the price of one kilogram of first grade neigen saffron is about 12,500,000 to twelve million to 13,500.00. Million USD. In the Saffron market of Tehran and Mashhad, the export price of saffron shale has been traded between 9.5 million and 10.5 million USD.

[toggle title = “The price of Saffron Negin 15.02.1398” state = “close”] The price of Saffron Negin 13.980 [/ toggle]

[toggle title = “Saffron prices for shrimp 15.02.1398” state = “close”] Saffron shrimp export 10.980 [/ toggle]

[toggle title = “The price of Saffron of Sparle Montaz 15.02.1398” state = “close”] The price of Saffron Sargol Momtaz 14.980 [/ toggle]

[toggle title = “The price of Punjab Phnomtdar 15.02.1398” state = “close”] The price of saffron shrine of Qombar 10.770 [/ toggle]

[toggle title = “Super Neiggin Saffron Price 15.02.1398” state = “close”] Super Juvenile Price 14.490 [/ toggle]

[toggle title = “Sorghum saffron price 15.02.1398” state = “close”] Prices of ordinary saffron 14.120 [/ toggle]

Selling price of saffron

Purchase and sale of saffron and supply of saffron on the stock exchange

According to Stock News, Afzali’s comment on the supply of saffron on the stock exchange, said the supply of saffron on the stock exchange is ongoing and purchases the mall of this product from farmers.
Representatives of the Nehbandan and Sarbisheh at the home of the nation, saying that the purchase of saffron was guaranteed last year, said that guaranteeing the purchase of saffron will help to stabilize its price and the price of this valuable product will be clearly defined.

Sale price of saffron and export of saffron

The best prices of farmers fixed saffron

This representative of the people in the tenth parliament pointed out that this year, given the fact that the prices of the fixed saffron were not earned by the farmers, they continued to benefit from the tenth parliament: “Unfortunately, the smuggling of saffron and its withdrawal from the country is still ongoing, causing damage.” But on the other hand, there are 500 tons of saffron in the country.
Afzali said that countries such as Afghanistan, because they are not sanctioned, have good marketing and export Iranian saffron products in their names, saying that saffron packaging industries have grown well in recent years, but the current problem is the production of saffron in the country of marketing.

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Sale and Export of Afghan Saffron

What is the price of buying saffron from a farmer?

At the end, the member of the Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources and Environment Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly emphasized that, given the cultivation of saffron in all provinces of the country, we should be able to better serve the marketing and export of this product, said: Iran had export tariffs for saffron, we hope we can reach agreement in this area.

The price per kilogram of saffron and the purchase of saffron from the farmer is much lower and better than asking for saffron saffron dealers. Saffron diamond company, as saffron manufacturer, is always at your disposal for serving and delivering saffron quality and saffron at an affordable price.

Export price of saffron

Which is the best export saffron?

Different saffron is used for export. But there is only one type of saffron that only certain people use for export and demand it. Saffron 100% Organic. In Iran, about 2% of organic saffron is used, while outside of Iran and in Afghanistan, more organic products are used.

Most commercial companies that apply for organic saffron are trading in large markets such as South America and sometimes in Europe.

[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Most commercial companies that apply for organic saffron are trading in large markets such as South America and sometimes in Europe [/box]

Saffron diamond company is a global manufacturer and exporter of organic saffron. If you also intend to purchase and export organic saffron, you can contact our experts and specialists.

Prices of Saffron Export Prices of Saffron

The highest quality saffron in Iran market

The domestic market of Iran is often a market in which the quality is determined by the appearance. Saffron market in Iran is a price-driven market. That’s why in the domestic market we are mostly witnessing cheating on saffron. For Iran’s domestic market, saffron grade 2 and 3 are very popular. While the best-selling saffron is a sorghum, it is a first-rate sparrow and has a higher price.

[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]The market for saffron in Iran is a price-driven market[/box]

The price of the best buy saffron

Where is the saffron shopping center in Iran?

Centers for providing saffron are mostly and minor. But if you also plan to buy saffron in large quantities, we have a suggestion for you.

Diamond Saffron World Co. acts as a producer and exporter of saffron types. At this shopping center you can view and test the most sophisticated Iranian saffron. Our consultants provide you with 24-hour advice and free advice so you can choose the best type of saffron (depending on your usage).

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””] Be careful; widespread fraud in saffron[/box]

Due to rising prices for saffron, prices are dropped by various tricks such as dyed roots, stenting, and other items that are not recognizable at all, although they are very good in color and aroma due to the sprays they use. But there is a new alert. Indian saffron is on the market with a very low price and the appearance and appearance of saffron Please pay more attention to buying this expensive and high quality product.

The Best Buy Organic Saffron
The Best Buy Organic Saffron

How many saffron saffron is organic?

Jegan Organic Saffron is often used for export. Organic products trades are usually traded in dollars and euros. Saffron Negin Organic has the best quality saffron, and the amount of cream that is attached to the stigma is very low. The saffron is produced at the beginning of the harvest season, and in high quality it has a higher price than other types of saffron. This type of saffron, although it has the highest price among grades of saffron grads, but its specific quality justifies this price increase.

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This kind of saffron is weighed after the customer’s request, and then packed in large metal containers. In the case of export orders, usually containers are placed inside a large multi-pack carton (to better protect the product and prevent possible damage, such as fracture of saffron sprout). The entire process is under the control of the QA Quality Control Inspector of the Saffron Diamond Company.

Buy Afghan Saffron
Buy Afghan Saffron

What do you think is the main source of saffron buying?

Various companies are active in distributing or exporting saffron. The supply of saffron by these companies is twofold. What is the difference between saffron diamond company?

We are saffron manufacturer.
In Iran and Afghanistan we have agricultural land and we produce saffron.
We offer the most suitable export price for saffron, because we supply it directly.
We will give you from every one hundred kilograms, any amount you order.
Our focus is on the export of saffron.
We have active representatives in different countries.
We can announce saffron in Iran and in different countries and destinations.
We make packages with your order and order.

Buy saffron and deliver to your destination country:
The value of the product is determined by the international currency (dollar-euro).
It is delivered with international certificates and standards of saffron.
Possibility of delivery in all countries.
We will ship with your default package or package.
Your product is shipped with company warranties and insurance. And as long as it reaches you, all responsibilities are with us.

The main reasons for the difference in the cost of buying export saffron
The type and grade of saffron is the first factor in determining the price of saffron.
The next factor in determining the price is the currency fluctuation in Iran.
The type of packaging of saffron is also effective in changing prices.
And the other reason is that the prices of saffron suppliers are different.
Having health certificates is effective on the price of saffron.
Buying and selling prices also slightly changes prices. Buy Durable – Buy Cash – Buying a Condition and …
The value of the transaction of saffron – ie, the amount and weight of the saffron traded in the price of saffron is effective. It costs a kilo. 200 kilos has another price.

Source: Diamond Site of Saffron of the World

Purchase and sale price of Iranian saffron

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